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Default Re: New possible builder...?

Originally Posted by alackofspeed
The build CD was described to me by Mark at Marlin, when I visited at the weekend. I was told there are many pictures, and step-by-step text. I suspect what you assertained is accurate.
I read that as a contradiction of my description of the build manual for a moment - accurate or inaccurate?

There are indeed very many pictures, but they are named as DSCF1234.JPG files in a handful of numbered (not labelled) folders. "Step-by-step text" makes the instructions sound quite comprehensive, but this isn't really the case. I did exaggerate a little in my previous post, to be honest, but not excessively IMHO - the written instructions (as supplied to a builder earlier this year) consist of a total of ten pages in two Word documents, but are not closely typed. I think a manufacturer of inkjet cartridges would consider the print density of the 5exi manual, if not its length, suitable for demonstrating the high page-count attainable by their product.

In any case, the build-manual is in wide circulation amongst others on this forum, so I'm sure you can get a look at it. There's also no doubt that this is a limited criticism of Marlin - they seem to have done a very good job indeed with this kit, and there are builders on this forum demonstrating that the instructions do not prevent completion of the 5exi. But I've spoken to two builders, both of whom have used the words "there is no build manual" and described the CD as a joke. With the use of a dictaphone and the hire of a typist Marlin could easily resolve this criticism within only a few days, so I would encourage them to do so.

In any case... how did you enjoy your visit? Did you have a fun test drive? Can we assume you're going to be proceeding with this project? Are you going be a guinea pig or wait until Marlin's completely resolved the type-r ignition issues &c?

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