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Hi guys.

Just to add my two pence worth. I agree the "build manual" is a little short "step by step" wordings. But pictures do "believe me I know from experience" speak a thousand words. This is not an easy build for me at least. It gets you thinking. But that might be because I have not gone along the "recommended" donor route of bubble 216. Things not in the build manual are cooling system and electrics. Though speaking from a turbo builders point of view makes thinks a little more difficult but a challenge. And what a feeling when you can say "I've worked it out". But I know 216 builders have different problems like the 5AS connecting.

You will learn lots of new skills. And you have the support of all of us on here all willing to lend a hand!!!

The trouble if going down the type-R route, you will be a "test". As far as to say it's not been done yet so expect problems and a fare bit of head scratching. I would wait until Marlin have done it first. Because I would say that from when you pick up the chassis to the time of engine start would be something like 3 months. Depending on your time available.

Hope that helps.
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