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Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman View Post
Original designs in the kit car world........ To be sold in large quantity do they have to appeal to the greater masses or the kit car enthusiasts? If it's to the greater masses, then won't they just end up like another eurobox?, and if it's a kit car hen it can't compete on price. Surely the designs have to be quirky to appeal to a niche market, so at least they get some sales! One that springs to mind is the Nova - what a great idea!
I'm talking the kit car world. Most of the best selling kit cars over the last 30 years have been Cobra lookalikes and Lotus 7 inspired cars. They have been the mainstream kits for sure. More recently the re body craze has focused heavily on a certain Italian manufacturer ( with some stunning results I might add ). They have become popular and sell well because they are so good in the looks department.
I maintain that originality in the kit car scene has for the most part only generated quirky designs.

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