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Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman View Post
But do replicas (c/f new designs) sell more because they are 'better looking' or because they are a 'safe bet' for resale, or merely because they are replicas of something which is famous/expensive? Difficult to say. Some new designs (I've called them that because the work 'original' could confuse in this context) certainly AREN'T offensive styling-wise and some are very attractive and well executed (I'd include the Bertini in that camp)
Like any audience, there are different motivations and opinions, not to mention taste. Most of us (I think) buy what really appeals to us. The classic replicas mostly do that in abundance. Traditionally, kit builders recognised that they would not recover the cost and effort when they came to sell, but went ahead nevertheless. It looks like F***** are expediting a closure of high added value offerings. In any event, there will be limited customers after such high priced options, so the rush to get something built and supply it into the market will likely quickly oversupply.

Some will still be able to turn a profit by buying very cheap donors, knowing that they will not be holding on to the end product. This would suit the builder who gets most satisfaction from building rather than owning, as it minimises the overall cost of their hobby. Nothing wrong with this, but I want mine to be a robust, longer term keeper.

At best, getting your investment back is the most likely medium term outcome I guess. Take the Aristocats for example. For most, long term prices are not as "collector" cars.
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