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Originally Posted by Barber View Post
Identifying the niche can be hard though. Bertini had a nice looking offering that appeared to be well put together. It was also well supported by the kit media. Looks like they struggled to get past a dozen or so units sold though, even at a price that (based on Tribute changes) was 1,000 too low. I think the Tribute and later DNA approach to models differentiates enough why you would spend over 10k on top of the donor for what is still a Z3.
I think the Bertini project proved the Z3 as being a suitable donor car for a panel swop kit. The kit car media picked up on this and were happy to promote it as such. As Smash mentioned, the styling wasn't quite there ( it looked like a "Kit Car"), that alone would put people off a purchase. So many kit manufacturers have fallen by the wayside because of quirky styling, its no good making a car so niche that only a few people buy a kit, but it happens all the time in this industry.
The Tribute products have gone on to promote the Z3 base car, that it is a sound platform for attractive body swop conversions and is selling in reasonable numbers.

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