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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
Ian - I bet it feels good seeing all the finishing touches going on to the final paint. Enjoy, Paul.
Thanks for that, Paul.
It has been a longish job- just over 4 years and not over yet- woodrim steering wheel, low back seats and stainless wire wheels yet.
The best decision I made was to get Chris and Dan to mount the new body panels for me. It meant that the car was off the road for 2 weeks and I could drive it thereafter. That has made so much difference and was such good value that I'd recommend that approach. Even driving around in a gelcoat with patches of primer made every journey such an event that it has always been hard to stop smiling broadly. I now feel that I can take the car anywhere and my problem now is to know when and how much to polish it. What a problem to have, eh?
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