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Default SRS System sorted - Info for future

Hi guys,

The following is the normal safety caveat - I am only disabling my SRS system as I am allowed to by LVV and the fact that new seatbelts are being fitted. I am not condoning tampering or working on the SRS system for any purposes other than documenting what has been done on my car so my memory can be accessed down the track.

Made up the passenger occupancy bypass sensor to allow the SRS system to believe that someone is sat in the seat - This then stops the sensor sending a fault message for being unplugged. So I have successfully bypassed:

Drivers side seat belt loom - 100 Ohm resistor which simulates seatbelt buckled. (across outside pins)

Drivers side pretensioner squib - 3.3 Ohm resistor which simulates the squib. (Across two pins)

Passenger side pretensioner squib - Again 3.3 Ohm resistor (Across two pins)

Passenger side occupancy sensor - 2x100 Ohm resistors and 1x 1N4004 diode in series (Silver diode band to blue seat control box unit lead) - Simulates someone sat in the seat which activates the Passenger airbag and stops a fault code for SBE01.

Just for your info your passenger side buckled sensor is not plugged in. I imagine that this is a throw back from L/H drive or R/H drive cars and the loom is swapped sides in the car depending on country of required usage. (Drivers seat active from buckled sensor, passenger side from occupancy sensor)

This above info can help if you have a fault message and you are trying to identify if it is the loom or a component faulty. You will need a fault reset tool though as they stay "latched/hard locked in"

So I am now clear to be able to tidy the looms, refit the seats and carry on with the internals......

Also mocked up the R/H indicator tonight - see below.

RH side indicator mock up

RH Side indicator mockup 1
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