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Originally Posted by rossnzwpi View Post
Hey Welshkiwi, I'm in Auckland too. I hope you are taking advantage of the glorious weather to make progress on your project. Did you ever find boot hinges? They look suspiciously like a pair I have in my garage from a FIAT Dino Sider (also built by Pininfarina). I want mine for my own project but you could easily use them as a pattern to cast and then chrome some for your boot. Superformance used to stock the FIAT items at 75GBP but I see they are out of stock at the moment.
Best of luck
Ross (in Blockhouse Bay)
Hey Ross, apologies for the delayed reply, have been away on summer hols etc enjoying our sunshine! Really appreciate the info etc and the offer on the hinge possibilities, will certainly bear that in mind. I am in Howick for your info.

I currently have Morris Oxford hinges on the back, not sure whether they will be the finals as they needed a bit of fettling/tidying. The backend is still in the crate and hasnít seen the light of day yet due to other things taking over so pretty poor progress so far. I have had health issues which means I am heading for surgery in the next few months, my boy has had health issues which has sucked a lot of other time but one day the priorities will change!

I have a lot of potential energy just waiting to turn kinetic. Steering wheel and boss ready to fit once tidied the electrical ballast. Seat belts arrived so ready to fit. Have got some 15Ē style 5 crosslace BMW alloys which I have trial fitted to the car. Could be an option with some 195/65/15 balloon rubber wrapped round them, need the panels fitted before I make final decision on that look.

Lots of wiring to run in front clam and rear section still and then going to start bonding for top of screen/front of roof.

Look forward to catching up sometime and thanks for the photos of your hinges, they look very similar and very nice! Cheers Mark.
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