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Default Progress and success - Steering Wheel

Stimulated by Hugh and his steering boss questions I have made some progress - Cheers fella!

Initial fitment of the Nardi Steering wheel, PCD spacer and OMP boss kit tonight.
Temporary fit of wheel due to need to change the clock spring fitment to three locations (need to modify the plastic support) and probably need to grind down the OEM original hub spacer washer as it is now too thick and with the face of the column being angled it will be needed to be fitted.
Jacked the front up and steering lock and indicator cancelling all works. Even temporary rigged a rocker switch and the horn works ok so I know now the clock spring is good.

Had the car running as you can see below with no lights - ABS light comes on with ignition, self checks and goes out so happy days! Double stage wheel airbag needed two 3.3 Ohm resistors for that. (As well as the previous SRS work I listed before)

Nardi Wheel 1

Boss Adaptor and OMP Boss

Wheel Wiring Initial double ballast

Running - No Lights
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