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Default Clock spring modification - Steering wheel fit

Managed to complete the fit of the steering wheel today as well as route the rear brake light high level harness, fit the seatbelts (new for LVV cert) as well as 95% complete the rear parcel shelf (some carpet covers to make up for the vertical roll cage supports/belt areas). Also prepped the top of the front screen ready for bonding on the support for the front of the roof.

The steering wheel clock spring had to be modified as the holes in the OMP boss were not quite the right PCD and only one hole would align at anyone time. So to fit the three screws I slotted the plastic supports, managed to fit all three screws snug and tight and threadlocked for security. The steering column washer/spacer had to be re-sized, it mic'd up at 10.3mm but to match where the original M series OEM wheel was positioned it needed to be 8.3mm approx. Got the file out and the wet/dry etc and it worked a treat. Just need to fit the horn button now, waiting for my order on E-bay to arrive, gone for a Pininfarina logo button.

Clock spring - unmodified

Clock spring - modified
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