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Originally Posted by rattler View Post
have you uprated your s/asorbers I have got a s/spring and uprated r/bar fuel tank/fuel /brakes lines/ barn all clean and tidy just need the car dave r

Dave - I have got a Swing-spring on the back - not lowered at all yet - I will adjust when I get the body on. with the Sammio I built, I started with an 80mm lowering block on the back and ended up with 20mm so think time I will wait before I set up the rear.

At the front I have the standard shocks and springs - the springs are just cut 70mm shorter for now. I have an 7/8 anti roll bar to put on as well that is in my garage awaiting painting!

I figure that I want to get it on the road and then I can swap suspension parts easily if need be as everything is accessible. I had standard on the Sammio Spyder with a 1600 Vitesse 6 cylinder engine and had no problems.. I didn't race it like you will, so maybe you need to get it all uprated from the start!
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