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Will have to look up fast and loud, hadn't heard of that one before.

I rather like Phantom Works - there's a running tally of how many days the restoration has taken and they often exceed a year. The owner also gives the customer a complete breakdown of where the money was spent and occasionally comes in well under budget.

As for Mike B, I live in hope that he restores a 250GT SWB and I'm the first to view it when he sells. The conversation would go something like this.

Mike B - 'I can tell you like the mo'er an I'm asking five millyon pahnd. Wanna make me an offer?'

Me - 'Erm, I do like the car, Mike, but I was thinking of offering you a tenner.'

Mike B - 'Ten quid? Cash? And you'd take it away now?'

Me - 'Erm, yes.'

Mike B, after some chin rubbing - 'Old aht yer 'and, son, you've got yerself a crackin' deal!'

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