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Bit more dash work ...

An extra gauge on main dash, larger gauge above the Speedo/Rev counter now ( a clock ) and an early VW dash handle , a nice tie in to the Porsche styled dash ...

not shown here , but I wrapped an aluminium sleeve around the steering column to hide the original switch gear mounts and rivetted it in place ..

I also marked out the rear lights ..nice early flat lens Lucas units ..

I also templated and cut out the rear inner arches ..I had the templates from Graham's car but we are moving the inner arches in a bit on Rays , just inside the frame at the rear ...Grahams are quite close to his wheels and we are taking the opportunity to move them in slightly on this one a bit of trimming of the original templates gave me a pattern that fitted inboard about 2'' from Graham's ..I cleaned them up but need to go and get some materials first thing in the morning , so will glass them in tomorrow towards the end of the day so I can work on the car without disturbing them whilst curing ...

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