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I have spent several hours over the last few days doing lots of incidental stuff ..things like fitting a battery tray , battery clamps and the wiring from starter through a solenoid and a cutout switch mounted on the inner wing and across the bulkhead to the battery , earth cables , plumbed the clutch slave cylinder to master cylinder , fitted the throttle cable , fitted a choke cable using a bicycle cable adjuster fitted to the carb. , jobs like that ...

The battery sits in an angle iron tay , the clamps fit through the bulkhead at 45 degrees pulling it against another battery stay bolted to the bulkhead ...

Cutout switch is easy to reach with bonnet open on the inner wing but out of sight when shut ...I double braced the area the throttle cable goes through the bulkhead for strength with an extra aluminium plate fitted on top of the existing one ..

choke cable is a really nice T handle style , I mounted it to the under dash area to the right of the steering wheel ..its mounted to a 5mm plate sat under the dash and another 5mm plate with 8mm studs welded to it goes through the dash and clamps it rigidly in place ...nice and strong so it can be confidently pulled on ....

I looped the heater outlets together and braced the loop with an aluminium bracket ...I also made a start on the radiator hoses ...I have cut a Scimitar one down slightly to fit on the top has a spur for the expansion bottle which is handy ...the lower hose is going to be a bit more complicated thats a job for tomorrow ...

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