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Had some hose fun yesterday ....I fitted the modified Scimitar hose previously , so I then plumbed the expansion tank into the spur on the hose using two hose ends and a joiner so I could run the 3/8th hose into the larger inlet on the top hose .. I wanted to make sure the expansion hose didn't flap around or get snagged on the inner wings and due to its height , cable tying the hose to my framework wasn't an option , so I joined two pieces of angle to make a channel that the hose runs along . then mounted this on two legs that are welded to a third bit of angle that I bolted to the framework ..

The Bottom hose needed to cross from drivers side to the pass. side due to using the Lotus rad. , so I cut a U bend hose , turned the cut piece round joining it with some copper tube ...this gave me a question mark shaped hose ...this joins a piece of copper tube that runs across the radiator and has a 90 degree bend on it and joined to another rubber hose finishing the job ...all copper tube has been painted black to blend it in ...
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