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This is why I go to great lengths to stress my bodies are my own Intellectual Property ...Its not to look big or clever , purely that I want to stress that they are a generic shape , representative of many different cars of that era ...Funnily enough , I'm looking at badge design at the moment too ...I'd like to offer an option to try and stop customers from wanting to use existing options available to them ......
Its a difficult area , and picking up on the previous comments about maybe going after manufacturers of the kit ...I always have said that the cars are far enough away from the real thing to be a difficult argument at replica in a legal argument .. the silhouette and proportions are a way off (still a good look g car though a d the 275 even more so ) and if they were to argue grille shape , vents , rear panels etc. There are a lot of cars from that era with similarities ...Aston for example isn't a million miles away if you squint etc ...I think they know its a hard one to win on that level ...Badges , however , no argument different to the Bolex watch you bought in Turkey ....
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