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Red face Good new Bad News

The Good news is I have gone a bought a new track day car. Lotus Exige supercharged...

I survived telling the wife and I still have my head! She is in Canada just now so I was pretty safe.

The bad news is I have to sell one of my current track day/Project cars either the Hood or the 90% complete 5Exi, damm and blast.. Just got the LSD new gearbox and the body is fitted now as well so its the home straight to the IVA this year.

The problem is I only have room for two (toy) cars and moving one on was always the intention long term.

So I will put the Hood and the new project hot Pinto engine up as a package, first and see what response I get. If that fails then I could be looking at taking a loss to move the 5Exi on to a budding builder to finish.

Got myself the reg. GR10 ONE to plaster on it too. Damm Damm..

I have just ordered a set of the fat-arse rear body wheel arch extenders from Terry this week as well. I really would like to finish it off if I have the chance.

Must sell the Hood is the clue.

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