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Originally Posted by bigrich View Post
My advice....if your rear disc / caliper setup is only using 1/2 the pad then bin it PDQ.

Any mod that effectively compromises your disc / pad contact area is a big no no. this setup as Marlin advise?.... I can't see how they could possibly market a setup like this?


John's is, in terms of caliper / disc contact area, exactly the same as the blue Marlin demonstrator I saw a couple of years ago, so it's fair to say John's is as Marlin intended.

The situation is that the Nissan disc is 260mm dia, and the intended Rover calipers are for a 240mm dia disc. The disc's outer surface is as close as it can reasonably be to the caliper carrier, and thus the disc can't be fully inserted into the caliper, because the disc bottoms out against the carrier, before the whole pad is able to cover the disc.

Putting a 260mm rover caliper on won't help, as the lugs are too far out. Ideally the lugs need moving toward the centre of the hub, and a caliper designed for 260mm used.

I could probably explain the above with a picture far better, but I'm too lazy to sketch anything up at the moment.
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