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Sorry for the thread hijack Craig.

When I decided to go for the updated rear end, I decided to go the whole hog. Top and bottom wishbones (bottom one was damaged in accident), hub tie rods etc. With the standard Rover calipers and Nissan Almeria (258mm)read discs.

Before I noticed the half a pad problem, I had the problem of the caliper fouling the bottom wishbone.

Here's one of many pictures I sent to Marlin explaining the problem. Trying to explain where it was fouling.

Know after many emails and conversations with Mark, and repeated requests for pictures of there setup, none forthcoming, I was told I'm fitting them wrong (two carriers bolts). But could not be explained what I was doing wrong. I ended up ending conversations as I was getting nowhere with Marlin and swapping the hubs from side to side. Then fitting the calipers on the rear on the hub.

I know of another builder that had the same problem and something had to be altered by Marlin.

I've been using the half a pad setup know for 1300 miles so far.

In the long term, I'm going to go for the full front and back TD setup. Or experiment with the Nissan calipers maybe.
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