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Default Honda ECU choice (Type R)

Hi All,

I came away from a 'tuning' session yesterday feeling very dispondant: having hired a trailer for the day, borrowed my dad's mate's 4x4 to tow it, and then taken the 5Exi-R to a local rolling road to get it mapped for SVA and made very little process I'm looking at alternatives. Any advice would be appreciated.

Having ummed and ahhed during the build I decided on a Z-cars engine loom modification and Hydra EMS, as I'd seen them at kitcar shows and they seemed to do a good job on their minis. However staring the car for the first time was very difficult and the engine was running extremely rich - making the exhaust and plugs black in the short time we ran it. I obviosly needed to get it remapped.

I took it to a local tuner, who played with it for about 4 hours, although it was my laptop the mapping software was runing on, connected using my lead, and I was the one changing the values on the map. It became obvious that I would need to take it to someone used to the Hydra system on the K20A2 engine, ie Z cars.

Unfortunately they are over 350 miles away - ie day travelling there, day travelling back, and a day getting them to remap the system, plus two nights over night accomodation, trailer hire, diesel etc. I could end up paying as much again as I did for the system in the first place!

So what have you other guys with type Rs done? Hondata (which is about 170 miles away and would also need a remap to meet SVA regs) or another options (Marlin's 'tweaked' ecu) or something else?

Any suggestions would be welcome, as dad and I were close to putting a rag in the fuel tank and lighting it yesterday!

Thanks again in advance of any help (even if it's the best rag to use)
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