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The problem that we had was that the guy wasn't familiar with that particular software or engine.

He basically sort of did what you suggested - put a sensor in the exhaust and got me to change values at different rev settings.

The base map had values of 8.something down to 6.something for each 'cell' of the map.

By the end of the session we reduced these to 3s, 2s and 1s, but it was still running rich.

We also inly did this in the 0mmHg column, which the engine seemed to be running in for most of the time, butthen suddenly started toswitch to the 50mmHg column. He didn't seem to know what this meant or why it was!

From scanning through the formums it seems most people have gone with Hondata wich has come with maps that they can use from the off.

Going to do more research and then seriously consider what needs to be done.

Thanks for you reply
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