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The decision has now been made to go down the Hondata route, following coversations on the forum, chats at Stoneleigh and a visit to another Type R builder who only lived 23 miles away!

Part of the problem has been our build time (nearly 6 years now for various reasons) and in that time people have found that the Hondata system works out of the box, and I have found that the Z-Cars system, although popular for mini conversions, doesn't!

It would appear that the E connector on the Honda ECU only needs about 6 connectors, and I've pulled apart a connector from another Honda loom which the individual pins will fit on, so I'll just push them on individually.

Fortunately I kept the original ECU, but I now need to get hold of an engine/charge loom and then the Hondata system.

Thanks everyone for your help so far
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