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Hi Towed,

thanks for all of your info. Sounds like the system prevents pinking really well. Now that you are using the larger nozzle to avoid blocking, could you reduce the delivery pressure to make the water/methanol mix last longer? A constantly variable system would be even better using some sort of pressure regulator linked to throttle opening (both rising together) or regulator linked to inlet vacuum (delivery pressure rising as inlet suction decreases).

Saab fuel injection systems have a knock sensor on the block that tells the ecu to retard the ignition when it detects pinking. This allows Saab to use conventional 10:1ish compression ratios on their turbo engines rather than a lower ratio. Rather than using it to retard the timing it might be possible to link such a sensor to your system in place of the microswitch?

Anyway, that's my tuppenceworth, thanks again,

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