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Default VDO Temperature Gauge

Originally Posted by Mike View Post
Despite ordering a special Smiths classic VDO temperature gauge from Caerbont designed to work with my BMW VDO sensor, when I tested it to calibrate the scale, I could not get a reading.

I then bought a new sensor, thinking it must the problem, but it did not work either.

After a chat with Caerbont technical services and testing the resistance profiles, they advised they would not work with the gauge they had specified, and would I send it back with my sensors, and they would see what they could do?!

This has now been dragging on for weeks..............and I'm still waiting!!!!!!!!!
After a further 4 weeks Caerbont have now told me their VDO 'Low' Temperature gauge will not work with the BMW sender!

However, they have a programmable gauge which will work with the BMW VDO sender (as it can be programmed to give the correct reading for a given temperature) - but of course it is more expensive!

Rock and hard place come to mind.........
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