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Hi Sorton

Thats what it looks like on my fitted unit but the two sides are open to each other as shining a light down the brown sensor hole you can see light from the spare blanked ports and all four ports are on the hot side of the thermostat. That said it looks like the shared sides are partially restricted as the hole behind the thermostat looks to be about 30mm ish.

The Bentley manual shows the flow as you would expect, I assume the partial restriction in the housing is sized to balance the flow of water once the thermostat opens.

I think as Jason has seen no problems fitting his etb sensor with adapter in the correct port I will try mine in the same and set up a reference temp sensor to check the reading on the gauge. As you say the original bmw sensor length allows about 5 mm into the housing, with the short sensor and adapter I have I figure its about 10 mm inside the threaded part of the housing which doesn't really feel right but I'll give it a try and monitor the engine temps with a contact temp sensor.

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