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Originally Posted by cabrioman View Post

Where did you get to with your temp sensor problem?

I have used the Smiths eclipse gauges which also do not work with the standard BMW sender.

The m20 also has a long sender tube which gives me the same issue you have.

The 1/8 NPT sensor with adapter supplied by speedycables provides about 20 mm less length into the thermostat housing than the original even cutting the adapter down as much as possible.

I assumed when they said they did a solution for the m20 it would be the same length (a fool and his money). It means the sensor is buried in a threaded tube in the thermostat housing with only 5 mm of the sensor exposed beyond the thread adapter, speedycables say it will be fine but I remain unconvinced.

Just wondered if you had found a solution.

GOO / Patrick did you have similar issues and how did you sort it.

Any info most appreciated.

Hi John

Sorry for the delayed response - been away on holiday.

Although you seem to have settled on an answer to your own question, one comment I would add is that when talking to Caerbont/Speedycables they said their sender/gauge only operates as a zone guide and should not be regarded as an incremental scale, and offers no idea of what the actual temperature is!

They then volunteered that they have a programmable electronic gauge which could be calibrated to my own original BMW VDO sender to give a true temperature read out. As this allowed me to keep my BMW sender (and will be really important when I swap to the M54 alloy block which is known to be sensitive to damage through over heating) I went down this route and chose a face to match my other Classic Smiths gauges.
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