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Gary will correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is that the original US-made Manta Montage was Beetle-based. This then developed into a number of variants that were part-Beetle.

UVA then started to sell the Montage in the UK as a Beetle-based kit and then developed their own space-framed, bespoke suspension (VW torsion bar rear) car - the M6 GTR which most commonly had a Rover V8 mated to a Renault transaxle box. I was invovled in the build of two of these in the late 80s - a silver one that is still owned by the same chap in Oxford, and a yellow one for two brothers from Suffolk.

The Cody Coyote was a VW Manta adapted for the TV show.

I don't know how the Tornado came about but it was more angular than the UVA offering. Does anyone know if it started life as a Montage?
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