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Default Spyder number 125

Hi all
I've been following various threads and feel it is now time to "test the water" by jumping in. This is my "maiden post" ...
I'll be building my Spyder to compliment my current stable of a 1966 Morris Minor Convertible and a 1971 Rover P5B... I plan going into the "Wedding Hire" business when I retire.
I purchased my donor car, a 12/50 Herald 1147cc a couple of months ago with a current MOT and have been driving around in what is comically known as "Summer" in this part of the world. Last Friday I went down to Poole ... well East Knighton ... and picked up my one hump Spyder kit and on the Saturday started stripping down the Herald.
She's in pretty good shape bearing in mind the "old girl" is 47 years old. Most of the body securing bolts have yielded nicely, but I am gonna have to get nasty with a few ... out will come the drill !!
Interior wise, so far I've removed the seats, carpets, door cards and rear quarter panels ... and behind one of the quarter panels I found some kids comics!!!! dated July & August 1965 ! My theory being that the mechanic on the assembly line was catching up on his "Buster" when the foreman came along so he quickly hid the evidence ... behind the quarter panel ....
I will no doubt be seeking advice as work progresses; any feedback would be much appreciated ..
Once I've worked out how to attach pictures ....... these will follow
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