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Default Advice now required

Thanks for that Mr Towed; more pictures will follow idc: At the moment I have all the body securing bolts out ... some of course I had to drill. Next bit is lifting the body off the chassis. ... but whereto cut !? I know I will have to cut through the bulkhead but my donor being a saloon, the roof is connected to the front section. I was hoping to remove the rear section and perhaps sell that as one unit. Has anyone any ideas out there?
I was thinking about peeling back the lip where the roof meets the windscreen frame or alternatively, take out the windscreen and cut through the pillar about half way down.
Anybody out there converted a saloon before?
Doors are off; bonnet is off; interior all out; jamcake (handbrake) disconnected; more pictures will follow once I have the boddy off .... not much to see at present except a stripped Herald.
Look forward to getting some feed back.
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