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Made a start…
Normally, if I wanted to clean up metal edges I would get my angle grinder out.

However, as the alloy is so thin, I'm sure I would grind off too much too fast if I did.

So it was back to hand files and sand paper to soften up all the edges.

I also drilled the first round of hole to fix the panels to the cockpit walls.

I only had time to do the rear wall panels.

I also knocked up a quick test piece and decided to use just a screw, not a screw and washer.

So to fix the panels I will need these three bits for my drill.

One to drill the hole in the alloy, one to drill a pilot hole in the wall & one to fix the screw in place.

Whilst this panel looks good...

The top edge of the panel was sticking a little bit too far.

The layer of Tetroseal I added may have something to do with this, or more likely operator error.

Either way, I had to spend some time marking and trimming the top edge to get a better fit.

So now I have to go back and smooth out this top edge again.

All was not lost though, as I was able to mark up where the main panel over lapped the passenger side corner panel.

So after drilling a few more holes, I was able to fix this in place.

Unfortunately, I managed to break my pilot hole drill bit.

But I had run out of time by this point, so I packed up for today and will try again tomorrow.

Cheers, Paul.
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