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If only people relised Deon DGT is not the same as the Karma, the Karma looks nothing like the DGT which was a more accurate Ferrari Dino Replica.

Andrew if you are still looking for a build manual I have the build manual that covers the DGT. Mirabeau and Scoperto. I also have a parts source list.

I currently have one of the Unfinished Deon Mirabeau and previously owned the only Deon Mirabeau with the 2.9 Cosworth V6 in it which I bought from the Isle of Wight. I sold this to a guy from Falkirk in Scotland.

I used to know a guy called Rob who originally worked for Deon many years ago and I sourced a number of parts from him but don't know if I still have his number.

If you want to speak to me about build manuals etc, send me an e-mail at ross (at symbol), doing it this way so I don't get so much spam. Also put the title as DEON KIT CARS in capital so I notice it.

I can supply you a fair bit of history on Deon and their cars.

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