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Originally Posted by Gordon shaw View Post
Can anyone help? I have a deon MIRABEAU and need the following info; front indicator and rear lights are Nissan. What model? Where does the windscreen come from? Did the SCOPERTO and the MIRABEAU share the same radiator?
Please send me a private message via the Forum or respond here if you can help.
Many thanks,

I'm joining this thread a bit late I know! I too have a mirabeau. If you haven't already found them, the front indicators and (I think) the rear lights are nissan 100 nx and you can still get these at a dealer. Mine has the round lights at the rear.
I think they did share the same radiator but I used a Montego rad.

Also, Gordon, did I once buy some Deon leather seats from you in Datchet some years ago?

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