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Default Am i mad to even be thinking about this

I am thinking about getting a dutton, to overhaul and put on the road, Now as far as the seller thinks, it hasnt been on the road, but reading up the Dutton owners club have an agreement with DVLA that matches up the chassis number to a registration if it was registered im hoping that as these kits pre date iva that the chassis number will enable me get it registered and they think that it might have been on the road at some point because they have very good records on all the cars produced

it doesnt help that people nowadays are using dutton registrations to get out of putting their car though iva , i have a suspition that this might be what has happened, if it is someone might soon get a shock
so assuming that some low life doesnt out bid me at the last second whilst these cars are simple, very simple in fact, does the chassis require additional bracing because there isnt much to them
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