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Default Progress report

Well everything is now stripped down ready for rebuilding

Ive stripped both coil overs and they are re usable, the rust was just on the bodies not on the pistons , a touch with the wire brush and they came up great, pumped the shockers and they will be ok for a few years yet no leakage what so ever, renewed every suspention bush, i managed to get another set of TCA's brand new for 10.00 welded on new shock mountings overhauled both calipers with new kits, seems ive got the later M16 type everything is now wire brushed off, primered and painted up and re assembled .
Back axle also stripped and repainted, hub bearing changed now awaiting re assembly and brakes re fitting, new rear dampers fitted .
Steering rack cleaned off checked , new boots and track rod ends repainted , ready to go on chassis once ive got new alloy mountings , ive lost one rubber and original mounts are missing so its cheaper to do away with rubbers and use the alloy mounts .

Chassis Cleaned down to bare metal, all welds checked everything checked for corrosion , In very good condition no further work needed repainted in primer and now top coated whilst stripping bottom rail found chassis number very roughly etched into metal very hard to tell first two numbers , but it looks like 2867 which tallys up with the dutton records but its still to be confermed

Over the next week end i hope to start the brake pipe runs and fit the rear springs and back axle before fitting the front assemblys minus steering rack,I,ve either got all the parts , or have on order all the bits needed to compleat the chassis

On the mechanical front, ive decided to go with a crossflow, ive now got a 1300 gearbox and an 1300 gt Engine, which ive got to pick up once i'm ready for it its complete so should not need too much work, but will be stripped once ive finished the chassis
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