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Default Confusing Government Guide To Kit Car Registration


Currently there are at least two differing sets of guidance on Kit car registration to be found on Government administered web sites.

GOV.UK - Guidance
GOV.UK is the new name for the official Government Website.
On its website, which states it was last updated on 28th February, there is a "Guide" to registration, which states explicitly, any kit not using the donor chassis, or a new chassis of the same specification, will automatically be given a Q plate.

The DVLA has a long established document, INF26, setting out the rules for kit car registration. The definitions of kit cars are set out, and the appropriate one for a chassis supplied by a specialist manufacturer, is now Section 5 - Kit Conversion. Under this section a kit conversion utilising a specialist manufacturers chassis, and using 2 major components from a known donor, will be awarded an age related plate (Not the donor's registration, but a new one from the same year).

It is clear these two documents conflict, and local DVLA officials may not be fully aware.

Ian Stent, Editor at Complete Kit Car magazine contacted the press office at DVLA to seek clarification, and had a quick response advising INF26 is still the current policy.

Quote from Ian's email reply to my plea for help:

Hi Mike

Had a very quick response from the DVLA, which confirms Age-related plates are still current policy.

All the best

Ian Stent
Complete Kit Car
T: 01823 617908
M: 07595 021922

Therefore, if you are likely to be registering your kit in the coming months, and do not want a Q plate, please be aware that the local DVLA officers could produce the GOV.UK Guide and try to issue you with a Q plate. If you go armed with the INF26 document, you will be able to win the day, and avoid the unwanted Q plate.
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