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Default Kobra Interior? advice please? exhaust?

I wonder if anyone out there is especially proud of the interior of their Kobra build?

Could you perhaps advise on a number of points?

1. Is it worth it or is the Z3 so nice comfy and perfect that it should just be cleaned up and left?

2. Its essential... easy... and looks amazing with a little effort?

3. Its just about worth the effort but damn hard fiddly work?

4. etc etc

Perhaps you could post of picture please of the end result or the best youve seen for a Kobra conversion?

Anyone used the stuff that Nubdi or Classic Coach works sell ... is it wise? good ? great? etc?

and while Im typing... exhaust... something that looks good and sounds amazing? one pipe either side... (not the Dax external sort) in proper Cobra style? suggestions?

Any help or pointers very gratefully received.

As always gang... many many thanks for your time... looking forwards to meeting you...

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