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There are not a huge number of images of Kobra builds online that I know of. My personal Kobra has the Z3 interior with the exception of a MOMO sterling wheel and gear knob. The negative in that change is that the wheel I went for is smaller than the original and so the instruments not so easy to see. I am looking at replacing the OEM seats with those from an MGTF but not done that yet. That change though Iím hoping to get a little lower in the car. Will help with the driving of the car and more comfortable. Iím not keen on the std Z3 seats so happy to swap them out.

Iím not bothered about a replacement dash at present as it looks like a lot of work. I believe ClassicCoachWorks are developing a Cobra esqe dash for the Kobra but not sure timeframes or details. I will keep a watching brief on it as they come available.

Not a huge amount of help but happy to offer my view.

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