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Default Help required from all turbo builders

Hi everyone,

I am almost complete on my Turbo build, but have come across a real problem. It started when we had the car off the ground and someone started the engine, this resulted in the longer drive shaft being pulled out from the cv joint at the gearbox end.

I bought a replacement but they took the damaged one as part ex. So I was unable to check that the two were identical.

Now every time I move the car the shaft pops out from the hub cv joint. I have spoken with Mark who said that the position of the engine is critical. So I have moved it as far right as I can, but this is not enough.

Marlinturbo has told me he is having a mount changed to accomodate the problem and bring the shafts into a level plane.

Has anyone else got the same problem? Can anyone give me the total length of their shaft for comparison?

Regards to all builders

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