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Default driveshaft

So what shaft should you use Trev, I was told the 200 2.0 shafts are required for a turbo model, not the 800 as they would be too long. I am also having problems, I had noticed that the inner cv boot on the long shaft was at full stretch, I peeled back the boot and you could see the rollers half in and out. It concerned me at the time but I put it down to the design and maybe it would be ok. I read the problems you had and thought oh.
I have just driven the car on and off my driveway and guess what, the inner joint popped, needle rollers all over the place. I had to strip down suspension to release joint completely as it was jammed and I couldn't get it back into the garage.
I have spun the wheels up previously by the way with no problems. I read the instructions for installing engine and it says centralise, how far right does it have to be to stop this happening then, I am only about 20 to 30 mm from the chassis now. brian
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