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Default back on rod

well back on rod so here we go again update time got the gearbox fitted and bought a high torque starter so I would not need to cut too much out of the Mazda box. The plate married the engine to gearbox well but the problem was the p9cyoplates adapter was miles out for the starter and I do mean miles out.


so I had to grind down the edge of the starter then re-drill the holes to move it by about 15mm good job the plates only mild steel, still took me a full day to work out what was going on but now starts off the key.
spent most of yesterday trying to bleed the mx5 clutch master servo I can not get the air out of it, had a look on the web its a known problem to bleed so I will revisit it when I stop swearing at it.
working on the body today in the sun made some changes to the sills and trimmed the back wheel arches.


need to look at the bonnet again not happy with the fit so going to cut it up and rework it next job.


I am off work in a few weeks so hope to have it driving soon, sometimes everything you touch is hard work.
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