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Yep, it's a (mostly) friendly forum, all right, and most people on here are grown up enough to keep their posts positive even if they don't like the work that's being shown.

We do have the odd troll pop up occasionally, often finding fault with the quality of finish of amateur built kit cars and specials, but that's mercifully rare and their posts usually end up getting deleted by the moderators.

For most of us on here it's just a place to show like minded people what we're up to, to share (i.e. steal) ideas and, once in a while, to be told STOP! That's dangerous/illegal/going to break.

A good example of the latter was when I posted a picture of an alternator support bracket I'd fabricated that was to be fixed to the chassis at one end. Straight away someone pointed out that it wouldn't be able to move with the engine so would break or damage the alternator on start up, which was bleeding obvious once it was pointed out to me.

Anyway, good luck with your own project and keep on posting updates and pictures. We're all eager to see your progress and steal any good ideas you come up with
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