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Just got my latest letter from the DVLA.

I had provided lots of information and some photos, but this was their answer to my question about what category this build fits into.

”The decision as to which registration category your vehicle will fall into will be based on the consideration of the information provided in the V627/1 report together with any supplemental information you may be able to provide.”

But the answer that gave me real hope was this one regarding the V894 reply slip.

If a manufacturer’s KIT has not been used in the vehicle build then the V894 should be noted NO and Rebuild YES.

As a quick check on the Oxford Dictionary definition of “Kit” gives me…

A set of all the parts needed to assemble something: an aircraft kit

So my argument will be that Sammio did not supply all the parts to assemble the new body shell.

Some of the parts, yes, but all of the parts, no.

So I think the DVLA definition of a Kit car is things like Caterhams, Westfields, etc.

They did not answer my question about applying for the V5C change when the body shell was complete and bolted into position.

But that is what I plan to do, rather than wait until the whole build is complete and then apply.

Obviously I will keep you posted, but that is still some way off yet.

Hopefully Dave will get his V5C updated before then and let us know.

Cheers, Paul.
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