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Default Long time away - No work

Hey guys, been off the grid for a while after my knee surgery and what can only be described a long dose of apathy. Trying to change that.
Latest on mine is I am hoping for on the road and certed (not painted) by end of September. Certainly doable if I can knuckle down.
Latest state of play and updates on where I am heading.
- Ordered Z4 hubs and going to fit E46 discs to the rear with a narrower track. Will help me to fit the style 5 bmw alloys for the moment with a decent offset and later on when finalising painting will be fitting wires.
- Fuel filler position being changed but still an issue with the filler I have and clearance to the chassis. I may have to lower it from where I have cut the latest hole which not really happy about but may have to be the only outcome to get it to fit.
- Haven't trolled all the threads for a while but really interested in your discussions on the locking issue and getting to the key location under the door skin. I am in the camp of fitting the mini door handles with a stainless keyhole/escutcheon under the handle and in line with the original hole. It will have a stainless short tube welded to it to ensure the long shaft key that I am going to get will be guided straight into the original lock key hole. Simple solution but keeps the locking standard and the only change is the long key. Maintenance/lubrication and usage of the key lock should keep the issues at bay.
A few piccies:


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