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Default Strombergs/Friday/Saturday

Last week I'd again attempted to get my twin CD150s to behave - dream on! Following the instructions to the letter, I got the engine up to temperature and set about fine tuning the mixture, which involves lifting the piston a tiny distance and adjusting the jet screw according to the engine's reaction. Rear carb: engine dies irrespective of any adjustment. Front carb, engine ignores any mixture change made. I replaced the air filter and took her out for a road test. Very poor throttle response, engine dies after about half a mile. Restart, same but after a half the distance. Repeat, dies after ever decreasing distances. Park, walk home in disgust, recruit son, pop along in Micra, tow home, cover over and try to forget .

Saturday's sortie in the S4 Seven was again to Prescott, where another was competing, albeit twin cam powered.

Also competing was this Westfield XI, which I heard one knowledgeable chap advise his chum was "A D-Type Jaguar" .

The event was Porsche themed, but despite the many many more modern models there, this Historic Rallying 912 was my clear favourite

I think I'll give up on those carbs and get another set off a runner from Spitfire Steve, then probably try again to pass on the A352.

Regards, Mick
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