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Cool Blistering Bank Holiday Part Two

Today's sortie in the A352 was to a small meeting a friend organises. It's at a US themed diner about 20 miles away near Lydney which fronts onto a large well tended field. This is only in its fourth month and has already attracted an eclectic following.

The young (well, to me) lad who trailered this rail to the meeting fired it up for a couple of minutes: I now know what being stabbed in the ears with white hot screwdrivers must feel like. What a beast! It was, however totally eclipsed in my book by this home built Cummins Railton evocation.

Its creator was a very quiet unassuming chap who told me that he'd logged 4,000 hours spent building it. Apart from the running gear, it was 100% scratchbuilt. The six litre straight six had, in series, both a supercharger and a turbocharger, each with its own intercooler. Twin fishtail silencers gave it the most glorious exhaust note.

I'm certain that I've never seen a better homebuilt car. Simply fabulous.

Regards, Mick

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