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wharfedale - Welcome to the forum.

I've had a brief look at some old build threads and can't find a match for your "Before" photo.

Whilst, it is common to see some filler work where the bonnet meets the bulkhead, it looks like your whole bonnet has been cut in half and extended.
( Which is not very common on a Sammio Spyder. )

This is Mister Towed's car viewed from a similar angle.

It also looks like your cockpit has been seen a bit of "action" too, hard to tell what from the angle of the photo, but it looks shorter than Mr T's.

Is the rolling chassis underneath from a Triumph Herald, or a Spitfire?

Either way, your "After" photo looks great.

I'm sure lots of people on here would be interested in hearing about your build and seeing a few more photos.

Cheers, Paul.

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