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Sorry to disappoint you all but the suspension arms in the 2CV will not "just turn around" as the inner and outer swinging arm bearings are different sizes.

The get a single rear wheel the arm has to be cut just behind the axle mounting, turned 180 degs, then re-welded. It also has the be cut about 40mm behind the wheel hub and an extended piece about 5" long welded in place to bring the wheel in the middle of the chassis. I know because have built a jig to do just that.

The only problem is to enable the single wheel/arm to move up and down one of the rear out-riggers needs to be cut off and in some cases DVLA says this is an altered chassis. .

To get around this I made a single wheel arrangement using the original hub and a coil-over shock on a motorcycle style swinging arm.

Just a case of un-bolting one unit and replacing it with the new one so no chassis modifications.

this is the same mod I'll use for the new 3 wheeler.
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