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Originally Posted by Welshkiwi View Post
Hi guys,

This is the initial post as I have threatened to make on my build. A long way to go with this as Chris and Dan have some work to do to marry a set of panels up with my donor, but I will putting the short delay to good use with the donor.
Just a quick thanks to Kidge (Edgik), who without his sheer determination in getting something off the ground for this for many years, I would be left in New Zealand unable to get any kit built because of frontal impact regs. So Edgik - Cheers

See attached photos, 1999 2.8 Z3 (i know it has 3.0 on the back and no one has any history why)

Basic Plan for the kit will be:

No badges so we are not doing a replica, apart from possibly a custom "Ferrari-esque" Badge on the rear and maybe a couple of "disegno di Pininfarina" on the side as a homage to the great man and the work he did with Scaglietti. The car will be a homage to the era, not a replica.

Intended at present to be Coupe, metallic grey/gun metal with grille and chrome ornaments such as bullet mirrors, bumpers, clear front indicators, teardrops on the side and round taillights.
Interior will remain reasonably stock as I have lucked in with a beautiful black/grey interior with wood effect console, chrome trim on the gauges and good spec in electric condiments and side airbags etc. Will show pictures when I get more underway. Wooden rim steering wheel will eventuate.

Final trappings will lay 4 pipe exhaust underneath "with the required orchestra" and wire wheels and appropriate rubber. I am hoping to keep the donor originals whilst I am running round "in work and in primer" (As they are nice already), when the BMW centre's disappear. I will need a bit of time in the primer coat to normalise the "green" fibreglass and get all the residual stresses and cracking out from the bolt/bonding process and the New Zealand UV rays out. Not going to be happy with a few $K's of paint having cracks in it after a few months!

Looking forward to keeping you all in the loop with this. You are more than welcome to pay me a visit during the build, UBER fare though may be a bit restrictive for you though!

Cheers - Here we go!
Good luck with your build. Will be interesting to see your take on the final look of the car. Good idea not to paint until it has all settled down.
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