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Default Quick update, things are going to start happening

Hi guys, been a while since an update so thought better let you know what’s happening.
Kit turns up in NZ supposedly next wed. Be about a week to clear customs and freight to Auckland so hopefully delivered around 11th July. I am testing the donor car this week so it has reg and testing thru till Jan next year when the car will be back on the road. Then donor is starting being stripped next weekend.
First jobs are checking all the exposed bits/discs and pads as req’d and extending/logging all the wiring/harnesses.
I am going to talk to og rims about wheels, but they don’t do 72 spoke 15” on their website, only 13” - so we’ll see.
Likely the fuel tank is coming out to do the filler extension, so sub frame etc has to come out for that work.
All going well, work starts next week! Cheers.
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