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Default Plodding progress

Hi guys, been slowly plodding along for the end of the week, spent time cleaning as I go as well as tidying the car for some of the "dis-established" systems. Have removed:
- Power roof and system including pump/reservoir and actuator
- Fwd headlight wash system
- Fwd screen upper rubber
Have been working on the rear light harnesses, for some reason can't get the reversing light to fire so that is my scratchy beard issue for tomorrow.
I am really lucky with the donor I bought, no signs of corrosion/rust or issues under any of the unearthed areas, it has been looked after during the 19 years it has been on the road. Once the panels arrive this week it will be full steam ahead when I can get to it, going to focus on the front clam/electrics etc to give me a good positive shot in the arm start before I get stuck into the heavier shifting of the rear and the bonding work/fuel filler and fuel tank work. I am not looking forward to the sub frame coming out if that is what it needs. Inner door skins coming off tomorrow so I can start scratching the grey matter on how I am going to marry the Mini door handles into the door mech. I also need to change the drivers seatbelt to meet the regs for removing an airbag, so a new webgrabbing belt will be fitted. I am happy with the condition and look of the interior rear (i.e. storage box and upholstery around the roll bar area) so am keeping that until I later on play with the interior in a few years.

Here's some photos.

Full strip 4

Full strip 3

Full strip 2

Full strip 5

Full strip 4
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